In keeping with my "simpler is better" approach, I was going to try to put together some extremely simplified version of the Ars Magica spell effect tables. However, I soon realized that this would entail a huge amount of work and eliminate much of the detail available in the system, so I decided to just use their system as is -- the designers have obviously put a lot of work into it and I might as well use what I paid for! Unfortunately this means that I can't put the spell effect tables on this page -- Atlas Games would justifiably be very mad with me if I were to reproduce a sizable chunk of their product on the web. So players will just have to buy a copy of the rulebook (I'm using fourth edition) or borrow mine (which, of course, will be available during game sessions).

          I will, however, be developing new spell effect lists for "classical Hermetic magic", the Hermetic magic before Bonisagus's revision which is still the norm in the Byzantine and Arab east. Since we're still early in the Order's history it's also quite possible that some of the players may still know some of this older magic. It is inherently less powerful than Bonisagan Hermetic magic (there's a reason wizards are switching over!), but does have its own strengths. This system is currently half-done, focusing on the magical abilities of the one player who already chose this option. I'll expand it to meet the needs of other players as needed and, once it's near completion, post it here for all to see.)

          I'll also be developing equivalent systems for Norse, Pictish, and other magic, but they won't be put up here. Players will have to learn about these types of magic as they encounter such magicians, often in hostile circumstances!

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