Caledonia: A Light in the North

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Caledonia: A Light in the North is a role-playing campaign set in the world of Ars Magica, but three and a half centuries before the game's normal setting. In addition, I'll be bringing in elements from White Wolf's Mage: the Ascension and Mage: the Sorceror's Crusade. The player characters will be a group of mages and their companions sent into Dark Age Scotland to establish the first Hermetic chantry in the region.

In keeping with the original Ars Magica concept, each player will have multiple characters, including a mage and one or more "companions". Furthermore, I will purposefully be designing the campaign such that each game session will be a complete episode. This will ensure that I never have to worry about scheduling -- each episode will be played with whatever players show up, we'll just choose a selection of characters from the players available to fit the needs of the scenario!

We'll be using a home-brewed rules system of my own devising, originally designed for Mage and easily adapted to Ars Magica. I'll also let people know right up front that they will be able to change history. I like games with epic sweep, and you can't very well have that if the PC's are stuck following someone else's script!

And now, because I like to do this kind of stuff, here's a lot of background information for your edification and enjoyment...

Mundane World of 875 Magical World of 875 Game Mechanics
Life in the Dark Ages
Peoples of Caledonia
Geography of Caledonia
The Church in Caledonia
The British Isles
Western Europe
Distant Lands
Map of Western Europe
Map of Caledonia
History of the Order
Hermetic Houses
Hermetic Tribunals
Hermetic Philosophy
Culture and the Oath
Magic Outside the Order
The Order in Caledonia
Casting Magic
List of Characters
Game Session History

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