List of Characters


Aquilus Praesagus, follower of Criamon      Aaron Vanek
          The Archmage Criamon is one of the last Hermetic founders alive, though until a couple years ago he was thought dead. Criamon was always famous for his unprecedented travels to distant lands. He was gone over two decades on his last journey, returning suddenly with an apprentice from Arabia. Aquilus was an old-style Hermetic mage of the East but has adopted the new Hermetic magics of the Order. Though his esoteric knowledge is much in demand, few in the Order are comfortable working with him, and many were happy when Master Criamon suggested that Aquilus settle in Caledonia. Aquilus is a specialist in Mentem and Imáginem forms, with a strong emphasis on Intéllego techniques. His sigil is a sense of déjŕ vu.

Scipio Magnus, follower of Tytalus      Jason Nuesca
          Scipio's young career is surrounded by strange portents. His origins are mysterious, and no one but his master Opacus knows much of his life before being apprenticed at age 3. It is rumored that he was born in Rome, that a sibyl presided at his birth (though some claim it was a succubus), and that a passing Arab wise man prophesied greatness in his future. Scipio soon blossomed into one of the most powerful and promising apprentices within the Order, demonstrating an almost unprecedented aptitude nine of the ten forms, including impressive skill with fire, lightning, and flight, possessing the advantage of a gentle Gift, and destined to serve in one of the great Hermetic covenants. This changed abruptly when Magus Opacus was accused of diabolism. In the face of overwhelming evidence Opacus was quickly sentenced to gilgul. The trial of Scipio, whose apprenticeship was nearly complete, was much longer and eventually resulted in his acquittal, though many claim on technicalities. Scipio was declared a full mage, but his bright future was shattered. Quaesitorial investigations were spreading to the rest of House Tytalus and Scipio's vaunted command of magic became the subject of suspicion and mistrust. The elders of House Tytalus were only too happy to ship him off to distant Caledonia.

Era Candeo (Marion de Esclarmonde), follower of Merinita      Kitty Goss
          The Esclarmondes are one of the rare families in which magic seems to be passed through the blood, allowing young Marion to be apprenticed to her uncle Marin and tutored by her grandmother, the Lady Margalida. The Esclarmondes are rumored to possess fairy blood in their family, and they are naturally a keystone of House Merinita. Because of these family ties, the Esclarmondes within the Order usually use their birth names rather than their Hermetic ones. Marion is a specialist in Imáginem, though she also has abilities in Animál, Vim, Corpus, and Mentem. She is also reputed to have strange visions, some quite horrifying. Her magical sigil manifests as a subtle irridescence.

Escendus Exmos (Bernardo Conti), follower of Jerbiton      Nic Webb
          A Venetian specialist in Corpus and Imáginem, with a side line in magical architecture. His master and uncle, Ingenuus Mos, is an influential merchant and patron of the Church. Young Escendus is sickly but possesses a gentle Gift, which is fortunate given his strong religious beliefs. Despite having no ability with Aquam, his sigil is, oddly, a slight dampness.

Germanicus (Willem von Kirchheim), follower of Mercere      Nick Ingwersen
          An East Frankish warrior and a non-Gifted Redcap, Germanicus is the son of Tressus, a Tremere mage and quaesitor. Tressus spent most of his life on the move and rarely saw his son, but when young Willem was 12 his father enjoined his best friend Trajanus, a Mercere mage, to take on the boy as an apprentice. After entering the order as a full mage, Germanicus quickly gathered a reputation for his skill and ability, while Trajanus was sent on a mysterious mission to the Caliphate and has not returned. More recently, Germanicus's father Tressus joined Praxis's expedition to Caledonia and is believed to have died with the other magi in her company. Germanicus quickly volunteered to join the young mages being sent to Caledonia -- at age 30 he will be the oldest member of the covenant.

Veritas (???), follower of Guernicus      Graydon Schlichter
          A quaesitor from Constantinople.


Marius di Tivol      Jacob Nuesca
          A young nobleman from the area of Rome, Marius's family came into conflict with Pope John VIII and he was forced to flee with a small band of followers. They took refuge with their friends Opacus and Scipio just in time to be caught up in Opacus's trial, further complicating the matter. Fortunately, Marius has agreed to accompany his friend Scipio to Caledonia, where he and his men will form the core of the new covenant's turb.

Svala Ivirsdottir      Kitty Goss
          A young woman of mixed Scottish-Norse ancestry from the Isle of Skye. She fled south after being taken to Orkney for an unwanted marriage.

Other Characters

name unknown, follower of Bjornaer      Bino Gopal
          Though most followers of Bjornaer possess heart-beasts commonly found in their native lands, a few possess the hearts of exotic animals. This is seen as a mark of distinction within the House, but also a sign of a unique path to be found outside the core ways of the House. Such rare magi are encourage to spread the Ars Praecularus to new lands. Thus, when an apprentice graduated in the forests of Germany with the heart of an African lion, he was given the task of questing in Caledonia, though he has not yet made the journey. In addition to his shape-shifting abilities, he has a broad knowledge of all "nature magics": Animál, Herbam, Aquam, Auram, and Terram.

Cailean mac Earnen      Nick Ingwersen
          A gruagach (Pictish hedge wizard).

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