Game Session History

A.D. 875, April – A Journey to Britain      Aquilus, Veritas, Scipio, Marion, Escendus, Germanicus; Marius
          The six magi and their entourage set sail from from Antwerp. After crossing the English Channel, they rounded Cornwall, and sailed west up the coast of Wales. Off the shore of the island of Mona, they ran across a Viking fleet. Scipio turned invisible, flew into the air, and started to toss fireballs, single-handedly thwarting the invasion of the ancient holy island of the druids. The company received a curt thank you from House Diedne and continued north. Landing at Dumbarton Rock, they met with King Rhun of Strathclyde and discovered that his steward is Rhaemin of House Diedne, who introduced them to Dumbarton Covenant beneath the Rock

A.D. 875, May – A New Home      Aquilus, Veritas, Scipio, Marion, Germanicus
          Leaving Dumbarton, the company travelled to Scone, where they met with King Constantine of Alban and requested permission to set up a chantry. Since so many of the magi were from Rome, the Scots assumed that they were representatives of the Pope, a mistake the magi chose not to correct. The king granted them the Forest of Nairn in the province of Moray and the company set out to cross the Grampian Mountains into northern Alban. In the village of Nairn they met the local people and discovered that the Forest is a fairie forest. This led to meetings with Princess Charerie of Tuath Clava and Prince Culdachan of Tuath Shion, two rival faerie tribes battling for control of the forest. Both granted the magi permission to settle, but insisted that the covenant will be considered an ally of whichever tribe they’re closest to. Not wanting to get mixed up in faerie politics, the magi raised a magical tower over the Thorn of Calder on Calder Hill, exactly halfway between the two tribes. Calderthorn Covenant was officially founded.

A.D. 875, June – Meeting the Neighbors      Aquilus, Veritas, Germanicus; Svala
          Three Calderthorn magi set out to circumnavigate Great Britain and meet their fellow covenants along the way. First, however, while crossing the Grampian Mountains they ran into King Constantine on his way north to fight the Vikings. Official visits included stops at Dumbarton, Mona, and Caer Gadu (Stonehenge). An attempt to land in Anglia in order to travel inland to Blackthorn was called off when the group was attacked by Vikings and forced to flee. Deciding not to risk more such encounters, they bypassed Rosalba in York and returned directly to Caledonia.

A.D. 875, July – Anvil Hunt      Veritas; Mario, Svala; Forza
          The covenant decided that they needed an anvil to allow Forza (their Italian smith grog) to set up a smithy, so a party travelled to Inverness and met with Lord Ruadri and his family. There they discovered that the Viking conquest in 874 stole all of the Inverness anvils and took them, presumably to their bases in Dingwall or Caern-nam Broch, though both were now in Scottish hands. The party continued north to Dingwall, fighting some bandits along the way. There they met with David MacIain, the king’s sickly kinsman and captain of Dingwall, and his advisor Crisdean Svearson, a half-Norse, half-Pict hedge mage. In return for two anvils they agreed to heal David (which Veritas did) and to present him with a magic sword within a year and a day.

A.D. 875, August – Enter the Gruagach      Veritas, Scipio; Cailean
          A young gruagach named Cailean Mac Earnen arrived at Calderthorn, fleeing his master. Cailean wished to join with the majority of the gruagachan in the Ordo Miscellanea under Pralix, but his reactionary master cursed him with his Doom. He fled to Calderthorn hoping they could protect him. His Doom took the form of a demonic figure with a red cap attended by a pack of huge dogs. Cailean’s Doom laid siege to the tower, but was eventually driven off by Veritas’s demon-repelling spells.

A.D. 875, September – Giant Hunt      Marion; Cailean, Mario, Phocas, Hagen
          The covenant heard tell of giants living on Mount Monchrolly above Loch na Sterdang and decided to hunt them for vis. Along the way, the fairy guarding the ford across Nairn River was successfully bribed to allow passage. Once on the mountain, Cailean spied on the giants in sheep form and reported that three male giants appeared to be terrorizing and controlling the females and children. The rest of the expedition stumbled upon the giants outdoors and, forewarned, the giants holed up in their cave with a magical stone wall blocking the entrance. The expedition prepared an ambush (invisible archers in the trees, an invisible rope, Mario for bait, and Cailean as a wolf) for sunrise when they assumed the wall will disappear. It did and they managed to take out two giants, but the leader, enhanced with the giant’s stone magic, knocked out and captures Marion, creating a standoff. Back in the cave, however, the female giants, who controlled the magic, transferred their power to Mario, allowing him to kill the leader. The male giants were harvested for Corpus vis, and the female giants granted access to the Terram vis source in their cave.

A.D. 875, October – Caern-nam Broch      Veritas; Caileann, Mario
          Batair mac Labrhuinn, a Pictish farmer from Roseisle, visited the Covenant and asked their help. The only two Pictish clerics in the Caern-nam Broch monastery complex, Father Deorsa and Brother Mungan, had been accused of engaging in black magic. Batair claimed it was all a plot instigated by anti-Pictish forces, and turned to the covenant for help (based on their reputation as the Pope’s agents). A small group travelled east to investigate the matter. They magically interviewed a witness, detecting the involvement of two people and secret mystical rituals involving mistletoe and oak. Investigating the alleged ritual site, Caileann scented metal nearby. No solid evidence was found, but Veritas convinced the abbot to forego making a final decision until more evidence could be found.

A.D. 875, October – Harvest Festival (with Faeries)      Marion; Caileann
          At the beginning of the month, Calderthorn Covenant was informed by the local faeries that, as the guardians of the Thorn of Calder, they must host and referee the annual camanachd competition between the two faerie clans. Furthermore they must hold and guard the Pipe of Nairn (the prize for the winner) until the game on Samhain. Faerie delegations immediately moved into the area, including Siarn of the Falls, an “earthy” brownie from Tuath Clava, and the Great Lord Turmigatus Magnificatus (title continues for some time), a sidhe lord from Tuath Shion. The covenant was required to empty their larders to feed the faeries. Both sides attempted to threaten and bribe the magi into cheating to help them win. The tower was surrounded by a constant blizzard and bombarded with round-the-clock noise of dancing and singing, rendering the inhabitants cold and unable to sleep. Marion and Caileann were each offered a variety of material delights and personal assistance. Marion blocked the noise for one night so everyone could sleep, and also took a vow not to cheat (making her immune to bribes and threats). A week before Samhain, the pipe was stolen by Sepi, a grog, whose body was found horribly mutilated near the village of Nairn.

A.D. 875, May to Ocfober – Flight from Lindisfarne      Iver, Tod
          Meanwhile, far south in Northumbria… Under threat of Viking invasion (yet again), Lindisfarne Monastery, the chief religious center of northern England, was evacuated. Four young men sworn to protect the relics of St. Cuthbert ended up travelling alone through the north, fleeing the Viking armies of Halfdan. They ended up in Alban where they were offered sanctuary by Bishop Adrian of St. Andrews. King Constantine assigned a captain, Iver MacMalcolm, to guard them. Taking ship from the Firth of Forth, they were attacked by Viking ships and forced to land on the Isle of May, where Bishop Adrian and his priests gave their lives to allow the rest to escape to the mainland. The group fled north across the mountains while Constantine met the Danish troops in battle at the village of Dollar. Crossing the mountains, the party was overtaken by a Viking rune mage on a horse, who they barely managed to defeat in battle. Continuing on they arrived at Calderthorn.

A.D. 875, October – The Stolen Pipe      Marion; Caileann, Mario, Iver
          With the arrival of the bones of St. Cuthbert, the faeries all fled the immediate area, much to the relief of the entire covenant. A small group then set out to try to find the missing Pipe of Nairn. Investigating the Stone of Herrig, where Sepi died, they detected dark faerie magic. Caileann and Iver talked to the locals and heard many evil tales about the stone. Mother Mag, the local wise woman, revealed the existence of a secret third faerie clan associated with the stone. Returning to the covenant, the group was attacked by brollachan (faeries of shapeless dark and cold) and a harpy. Mario fled in terror, but the rest arrived back at the covenant battered and damaged. Mario stumbled across Siarn of the Falls and joined in some carnal Tuath Clava revels. He was later returned unconscious to Calderthorn by Lord Turmigatus Magnificatus, who claimed that he was no “compromised” and demanded that Mario be recused from any involvement with the upcoming game.

A.D. 875, October – Tuath Herrig and the Camanachd Game      Marion; Caileann, Mario
          Determined to recover the Pipe, a small group entered the realm of Tuath Herrig, the dark faerie clan. There was a series of bizarre encounters in which they were tested in various fashions and forced to take on the shape of animals. Marion managed to pass the final tests so successfully that the triple guardians (Tiger, Dragon, and Phoenix) granted her the ability to call upon, once each, the powers of Life, Death, and Order. After passing all of the tests the party met with the Queen of Tuath Herrig, a disturbing woman who agreed to return the Pipe after some negotiations. The visitors were also given gifts: a scabbard for Mario, a peridot for Caileann, and a figurine of a winged mouse for Marion. Just before leaving Marion, to the dismay of her companions, invited the Queen to attend the Camanachd games, though she promised not to be seen. True to her word, she was not seen, but the faeries of Tuath Herrig arrived in force to turn the game into a three-way competition. Fortunately, the various factions managed to cancel each other out and the game ended at sunrise with a tie all around, leaving the Pipe in the hands of the covenant… until next year.

A.D. 875, November – the Case of the Missing Covenant      Germanicus; Svala, Milleadh
          Returning to the covenant from his rounds as a messenger, Germanicus informed the group that Rosalba Covenant had disappeared and he, along with… [more to come]

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